Ultrasound Applicators

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At the UltrasoundTherapyShop.com we understand the need for high quality soundhead applicators for your therapeutic ultrasound devices. Ultrasound therapy is a popular rehabilitation mobility used daily in clinics and private practices every day and with good reason. Ultrasound therapy has varied treatment applications and many advantages over other treatment modalities.

Ultrasound therapy helps patients with:

  • Pain reduction in local areas and radiating trigger points

  • Initiating Tissue, tendon & bone Repair,

  • Reducing recovery time

  • Decreasing local swelling and edema

  • Helping improve scar tissue

At UltrasoundTherapyShop.com, we know that not all soundhead applicators are created equal. While ultrasound therapy is a wonderful modality to use with a wide variety of patient issues, not all soundhead applicators are up to the task.

Ultrasound applicators are an extremely vital element in ultrasound therapy. The applicator is literally the delivery system for the ultrasound therapy treatment. Ultrasound soundhead applicators contain within them the ultrasound transducer capable of delivering usually 1 & 3 MHz ultrasound treatments.

How to Choose Your Soundhead Applicator

When choosing a soundhead applicator, it’s important to consider the condition being treated and the size of the treatment area. For example, treating trigger points would require the use of a smaller soundhead applicator (1 cm) in order to target the area efficiently.  Conversely, the reverse is true when treating larger areas, like the mid to low back, which needs a larger ultrasound applicator (5 cm or 10 cm) to be effective. Choosing the right applicator increases the efficiency and efficacy of the ultrasound therapy treatment.

Ultrasound therapy is a versatile, non-invasive modality that is able to treat chronic pain issues, acute injuries, or post-surgical complications. Ultrasound therapy is used in physical therapy clinics, sports training centers and orthopedic offices for the treatment of:

  • Post-ACL reconstruction recover

  • Arthritis

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

At UltrasoundTherapyShop.com we understand that equipment needs of any practice or clinic will evolve as the practice grows. We look to offer the most affordable, high-quality soundhead applicators compatible with the very best names in ultrasound therapy devices. From Chattanooga to Mettler electronics, we have the perfect ultrasound applicators to meet each clinics unique patient needs. From pre-calibrated to waterproof or ergonomically designed soundheads, we have the latest innovations in ultrasound applicators available. Contact us today to find out which soundhead applicator is compatible with your ultrasound therapy device.

Unsure which ultrasound device includes the soundhead applicators or which applicators might be compatible to meet your clinic’s needs? We can help you with that too! At UltrasoundTherapyShop.com we look to take the stress and confusion out of the buying ultrasound therapy equipment process so practitioners can get back to the business of treating patients. Contact us today with all your ultrasound therapy devices and soundhead applicator needs.