Ultrasound Accessories

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It might seem that after choosing an ultrasound therapy device, getting the right accessories is the easy part. However, at UltrasoundTherapyShop.com, we understand that no detail is unimportant in giving patients access to first rate care. There are many things to consider with ultrasound accessories: from applicators to carts and at UltrasoundTherapyShop.com. we offer a wide variety of choices with a singular commitment to quality.

Ultrasound Therapy Soundhead Applicators

 The first order of business when buying ultrasound therapy accessories, is making sure to have the right size compatible soundhead applicators to work for your patient population. Having multiple sized applicators that work with your therapeutic ultrasound device is a good investment in order to treat diverse patient issues from carpal tunnel to low back pain.

Ultrasound Gel

Don’t underestimate the importance of ultrasound gel. Ultrasound therapy gel is used during an ultrasound treatment and helps reduce any friction while at the same time delivering the transmission of ultrasound waves. Here are some of the most popular brands of ultrasound gel:

    • Sonigel
    • DynaGel
    • Chattanooga
    • Conductor
    • TheraSonic

Looking for an ultrasound gel alternative?  Aquaflex Ultrasound Gel Pad is a flexible gel disc that can be used to cushion sensitive or bony areas such as knuckles, knees, elbows and ankles and is a great alternative from customary ultrasound gel.

Ultrasound Gel Warmers

Improve patient comfort with an ultrasound gel warmer. Appropriate for both gels or lotions, these warmers increase the ease of treatment for both patients and the practitioner.

Mobile Storage Carts

Storage is always at a premium in most clinics and rehabilitation practices. Not only that, but with equipment, accessories and supplies, it can start to feel crowded in a treatment room. An ultrasound therapy cart is an easy solution to hold not only your ultrasound therapy device, but also all the ultrasound therapy accessories and supplies.

Carrying Case

There’s a trend in rehabilitation for practices to offer concierge medicine, which might include off-site, in-home visits. For clinics that offer these types of sessions, it’s important to be able to offer the full complement of rehabilitation modalities that would be available to a patient, if they had come into the office. Convenient ultrasound therapy carrying cases make it easy to transport a portable ultrasound therapy device with all necessary supplies and accessories.

Rechargeable batteries

Some ultrasound therapy units offer the option of running on a battery. Rechargeable batteries are a great choice because they are less expensive than regular replacement batteries.

Ultrasound Cleanser

Any clinician knows that cleanliness and maintaining a healthy, patient-friendly environment is essential in operating a successful rehabilitation practice. Thoroughly cleaning the ultrasound therapy device and soundhead applicators reduces the risk of spreading germs. To save time, it’s important to clean the therapeutic ultrasound machine with an ultrasound device cleanser that can double as a disinfectant to clean ultrasound soundheads or transducer surfaces between patient treatments.

At UltrasoundTherapyShop.com, we are committed to provide you with everything you need to offer effective and efficient ultrasound therapy treatments. Contact us today with all your ultrasound therapy equipment and supply needs.