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SoundCare Plus Ultrasound Therapy Machine by Current Solutions

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Working with the Soundcare Plus Ultrasound therapy device

For more targeted ultrasound therapy, it’s useful to have a device like the SoundCare Plus that includes two soundhead applicators that can not only be plugged in at the same time, but used simultaneously. Additionally, different sized soundhead applicators are an important accessory to consider when choosing the best way to target an area in ultrasound therapy. Being able to target to a specific area is important in physical therapy because it makes the most efficient use of treatment time in addition to optimizing the pain and edema reducing benefits of ultrasound therapy.

The Soundcare Plus Ultrasound Therapy Device is a great device to consider when choosing an ultrasound therapy machine. The Soundcare Plus Ultrasound Therapy machine is an innovative device that was designed to come with two soundhead applicators, both 1 cm² and 5 cm² in order to help facilitate targeted therapy. And to make it even simpler, practitioners can switch between the two wands with a touch of a single button.

What makes the Soundcare Plus Ultrasound Therapy device truly unique is that it was designed by practitioners who wanted to create a therapeutic device that was not only easy to use, but was able to offer maximum therapeutic benefits.

The Advantage of Using the Soundcare Plus Ultrasound Therapy Machine

  • Presets: Finding an applicable treatment option for most patients is easy with the Soundcare Plus because it comes with 20 programmed presets.

  • Easy to Read & Use: Designed by clinicians to be easy to use, the Soundcare Plus ultrasound has an ergonomic ultrasound applicator design. Plus, with a digital panel, it’s easy to set up and make adjustments to treatment settings as needed both before and during a session.

  • Provides 1MHz or 3MHz: It’s important to find a modality that can treat both closer surface injuries and deeper tissue trauma. The Soundcare Plus Ultrasound machine offers both 1MHz and 3MHz in order to give you that accessibility. At 1MHz, energy absorbs less rapidly and can reach deeper into the tissues, making it perfect for deep tissue problems like piriformis syndrome. At 3MHz, the energy absorbs faster making it the right choice for closer surface injuries like tendonitis.

  • Pulsed or Continuous Ultrasound Therapy: As with choosing the correct megahertz, choosing pulsed or continuous ultrasound therapy is dependent on the patient issue the practitioner is trying to treat. The Soundcare Plus was designed to offer both pulsed and continuous ultrasound therapy in order to offer deeper thermal effects and/or more targeted results.

  • Different Sized Soundhead Applicators: Ultrasound therapy is most effective when it has the most contact area with the intended therapy site. In order to increase the effectiveness, the Soundcare Plus was designed to come with two different sized soundhead applicators to increase the ability to cover the area of treatment. Additionally, the ultrasound applicators can be used at the same time which increases the ability to treat larger areas of the body without compromising treatment time.

Ultrasound therapy is backed by research that has found it is beneficial in:

  • Decreasing inflammation

  • Reducing pain

  • Increasing tissue flexibility and range of motion

  • Healing scar tissue

  • Facilitating soft tissue repair

SoundCare Plus Professional Ultrasound Machine User Manual

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