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Sonicator 940 Ultrasound and E-Stim Machine - 4 Channels - 8 Waveforms

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Mettler Sonicator Ultrasound / Stim - 940 - 4-channel with 1&3MHz, 5 cm head

Marrying efficiency with optimized treatment options, the microprocessor-controlled Sonicator Plus 940 is a four channel combination unit. Combining both 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound with eight treatment waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Medium Frequency (Russian), EMS, High Volt, TENS, Microcurrent and Direct Current (DC), the Mettler Sonicator 940 is a top of the line choice for any rehabilitation clinic.


The Best Features of the Mettler Sonicator Ultrasound/Stim 940:

  • Touch-screen capability: With an innovative screen design, practitioners can choose from preset options or customize their own treatment protocols from the ease of a touch-screen.

  • Real-time adjustments: The ability to make adjustments on the fly during a treatment is a new and advanced feature of the Sonicator Plus 940.

  • 61 preset programs: The Sonicator 940 was programmed with 61 preset sequences that address a wide-range of patient injuries and chronic problems lowering unnecessary set-up time and increasing actual treatment time.

  • Favorite protocol storage: With the ability to save specific protocols to “favorites”, practitioners can use specified settings for future patients with similar needs.

Accessories for the Mettler Sonicator 940

  • 5 cm sound head
  • 0.9cm2, 1/3 MHz applicator for the Sonicator Plus 940
  • Electrode cable for the Sonicator Plus 940
  • Optional high volt / DC probe, pin-to-banana adapter and 3 1/2″ x 7″ sponge electrode for the Sonicator Plus 940

The Benefits of the Mettler Sonicator Ultrasound/Stim 940

The 940 is considered one of the most advanced combination units on the market with its 8 clinical waveforms and a dual frequency ultrasound. The ability to offer 8 clinical waveforms increases the ability for a practitioner to treat diverse issues: from reducing pain to increasing muscle strength or facilitating wound healing. The ability to treat acute injury, chronic pain or post-surgical complications makes a powerhouse modality needed in any rehabilitative clinic. And research backs up the importance of ultrasound/e-stim combination units in rehabilitative care. Studies have shown that combination units are more effective in treating chronic pain and inflammation.

Some of the conditions ultrasound/e-stim units are helpful in treating are:


  1. Soft tissue or sports injuries: From strains to post-surgical repair, ultrasound and electrical stimulation used alone or in combination can help treat pain and increase muscle strength in soft tissue or sports injuries.
  2. Migraines: Efficient pain relief is a must when treating patients with migraines. The ability to offer both ultrasound and e-stim simultaneously gives practitioners a more effective option when treating migraine pain.
  3. Carpal tunnel: Whether looking to avoid surgery or dealing with post-surgical after-care, the Sonicator 940 effectively reduces the pain and inflammation associated with carpal tunnel.
  4. Breakdown of scar tissue: Scar tissue can create its own set of issues. The Mettler Sonicator Plus 940 gives a non-invasive option for practitioners to work on the breaking down of scar tissue that also decreases patient discomfort.
  5. Arthritis pain: Chronic pain issues like arthritis can be difficult to treat. Studies have shown that ultrasound/e-stim units are effective in addressing the pain associated with both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.


***This list isn’t comprehensive, but gives a sense of the diverse patient issues a combination ultrasound/e-stim device can help practitioners treat.



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